Profiling: The Morel Mushroom

Morel Mushrooms are a favorite among cooks because of their strong earthy, nearly nutty flavor profile. Morels are a rich source of Vitamin D, Iron, Phosphorous, antioxidants and B Vitamins.

Making Healthy Habits Permanent Behavior Through Yoga and Meditation

Did you know that you can improve healthy habits (and your ability to stick with them) through yoga and meditation? This dynamic duo can loosen your mind, lower your stress level, reduce your risk of depression or anxiety, and boost your confidence. The list of benefits could fill a full-length book.You can learn more through Yoga Journal.

Profiling: The Button Mushroom

This widely consumed mushroom is likely the easiest to find and to recognize.  In fact, it is the most consumed mushroom by 90% in the United States.  Button mushrooms have grown wild and been eaten by humans since the time of early hunter and gatherers.  These ancient civilizations even knew that this mushroom held special…

Profiling: Lion’s Mane Mushroom

While much of the research is still in its infancy, there is evidence that already points to unparalleled therapeutic benefits for numerous diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Profiling: The Chanterelle

They are renowned for their high concentrations of B vitamins, specifically vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5. These vitamins are crucial for the human body because they help us to convert food into energy and allow us to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Profiling: The Porcini Mushroom

More than any other marker, anti-inflammation surfaced as the most important by far for reaching the golden years and enjoying great physicality and mental health along the way. Inflammation is the expressway to disease in the body, so this comes as no true shock. So stock up on inflammation fighting foods, like the Porcini Mushroom.

The Key Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps can be used for a variety of health issues and have been proved effective across the board. Let’s dive into five key areas of healing this strong fungus can provide.

Profiling: The Chaga Mushroom

Lately perhaps the most buzzed about mushroom, the Chaga Mushroom has taken the stage as the “it” fungi of the health and healing community-and rightfully so.  This mushroom we call Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus).  Technically, the part we name chaga is a highly-concentrated black mass that protrudes from the trees infected with parasitic, non-toxic fungus. Cute…

5 Benefits of Mushrooms

Although they differ in terms of nutrient count, they one’s we can consume hold high levels of B Vitamins, Copper, Selenium, and of course antioxidants.

5 Key 2016 Self-Care Takeaways

As 2016 comes to a close and we continue through a retrograde, now is a great time to reflect and celebrate all that we have accomplished.  Both in terms of knowledge gained, lessons learned, and desires to grow more into a powerful, light-filled being with the coming new year.  Some easy wins in terms of…