Calming Holiday Superfoods

The holidays are a fun time to indulge in fun, relationships, traveling, and special festive flavors.  At times this can become draining on the body and mind.  It is, of course, important to enjoy the season, but also keep in mind your self-care.  Move your body in ways that feel nurturing and restorative, take a mental break in a way that supports you best, and include foods that nourish you not only from a taste perspective, but also benefit your physical body to ensure you can keep enjoying the holiday festivities.

Below are seasonal super foods that feel festive and also bring joy and nourishment to the body.
The ingredients in Chai Tea are all incredibly beneficial including; black tea, ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, black pepper, and a slight kick of caffeine from the black tea component.  Ginger, Fennel, Cardamon, Cinnamon, and Black Pepper are incredibly soothing to the digestive system.  These ingredients are also immune supportive.  Black Tea helps to strengthen the body’s cardiovascular health.  Ginger specifically can aide in reducing inflammation.  Brew a warm cup of Chai Tea and add in a splash of coconut milk for a healthy dose of fats.
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As mentioned above Cinnamon helps the body’s digestive health.  It also can aide in reducing inflammation in the body, help with the hormone insulin, assist cardiovascular health, and lower blood sugar levels.  Holiday baking and savory dishes alike benefit from the flavoring and nutritious punch of this spice.
Citrus Fruits (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Clementines)
Vitamin C! Citrus fruits are a great way to strengthen your immune system and are easy to incorporate into your diet.  Juice them, cook vegetables finishing or marinating them together, add slices of them to garnish drinks and dishes.
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Aside from helping with UTI’s. Cranberry juice is also high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits.  Top off a fizzy drink with a few cranberries, add in pure (no sugar added) juices to a cocktail or eat them plainly, sprinkled in a salad, or try a compote as a fresh side dish.
Alike most tea varities and green tea specifically matcha is loaded with antioxidants.  It can also help to calm the body while gently detoxifying our systems.  Enjoy matcha in a fun, creative cocktail like a matcha mojito for a fun spin on this nutritious flavor.
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Loaded with fiber, vitamins, and anti-inflammation properties. This superfood has been shown to help reduce cancer risk, reduce pain in the body, aide as an aphrodisiac, and improve heart health.  They are also easy to include as a juice (pure no sugar added), top off a cocktail with, add to a salad, bake with, and add in to your recipes.  The rich color is a gorgeous topping to any dish.
Mainly used to aide in digestion-ginger holds many other impressive health benefits including; reduce inflammation and pain in the body, support and improve the immune system, and also aide in malabsorption of important nutrients.  Ginger tea is a great digestive after a big meal and helps the body to wind down in the evening.
Happy Holidays!

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