5 Growing Self-Care Practices in 2017

Welcoming in a New Year, while incredibly cliche, is a good time for us to look at our lives and focus in on where we would like to see growth as we enter a new mark on the calendar.  Upcoming self-care rituals to look out for in the upcoming year are slightly more heady and delve deeper into the mental side of our well-being.  Taking whole body and mind health to a new and uplifting level. Some interesting ones to look out for and give a try perhaps;

And other “Woo Woo” Wellness Practices Hit the Mainstream.  Unsurprisingly as a generation raised amongst the regularity of practicing yoga, meditation, juicing, and leaning towards a more well-minded lifestyle, it should come as no surprise that this year we will see the door swing wide open to all types of once considered “out there” wellness regimes.  Crystals have hit the mainstream in celebrity culture and undoubtedly will continue to grow more into our own lives.
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Energy Work and Healing
Think massage, acupuncture, tai-chi, reiki, and other energy work practices.  Along the same stem of “woo woo” wellness becoming more front and center as way to achieve more balance of mind and body.  As we science shows us our bodies are undeniably made up of energy paths that interact with our environment and beings around us.  Allowing for a more balanced or strengthen energy flow within and throughout the body allows for healing of both mind, body, and spirit.
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Celebrating Nesting
In an working and relationship era of hard-work, fast-paced, non-stop communication the practice of self-care is taking a front and center approach to maintain your mental health in a cheap and easy way-nesting at home and celebrating the art of doing nothing. “Netflix and chill” has certainly become an acceptable way to spend your evenings if you so desire.  This year that acceptance will continue along with the bedroom sanctuary becoming a thing of stronger desire and idealization.
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Social Sober Scenes 
I’m in on this one.  I hate feeling like crap all weekend and haven’t been able to drink without blowing up for two years regardless. This year look out for the an ever-growing underground of the social sober night out scene.  Imagine actually being fully present in front of people- le gasp. New York City and L.A. are of course the first to throw up some awesome scenes and venues (Club Soda and The Softer Image, for example), more to follow as we move through 2017.
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Beauty Products Continue to Get Cleaner
The awareness of toxins in our homes and our environments has reflected in the new lines of cleaner (paraben, sulfate, toxin free) beauty products hitting shelves.  Along with higher demand for cleaner and greener items in our lives as whole the beauty world is stepping up to deliver. Target, Sephora, Urban Outfitters have already begun growing their natural beauty sections as our dollars have proven what the market wants and what we no longer will settle for.  Voting with your dollar, as ever, makes the final call.
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Sending joy and light through the New Year!

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