5 Key 2016 Self-Care Takeaways

As 2016 comes to a close and we continue through a retrograde, now is a great time to reflect and celebrate all that we have accomplished.  Both in terms of knowledge gained, lessons learned, and desires to grow more into a powerful, light-filled being with the coming new year.  Some easy wins in terms of overall health I’ve gained this year are outlined below.  I have found that these were easy additions to a well-balanced life and ones that I will continue to expand upon in the 2017.

Eat more plants. 

The greener the better.  Because why?  Because chlorophyll is light (life) energy and we want that in our bodies.  Also veggies are a rich source of pretty much every vitamin and mineral necessary to feeling your best.  Try eating more for a month or so (even a day) and you’re guaranteed to feel a difference in your overall energy levels.

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Drink Smoothies when feeling well.
Fiber is key to long-term health goals and when we are feeling well and our body is ready to handle and process something more complicated allow for smoothies with the full fiber of the veggies it contains.  Fiber allows the body to process sugars from our foods more slowly, it aides in digestion, and it enables you to feel more satisfied.
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Drink Juice when feeling run-down.
Smoothies are great, but when we’re feeling sick a juice can be a better option in terms of allowing our bodies to focus on healing rather than digesting.
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Drink more water.
My sister is queen at this, while I certainly continue to struggle because number 1. It is exceedingly irritating to be interrupted by a “cleansed body” and 2. I forget constantly.  She’s inspired me regardless, it does help all health processes in the body.  Mild dehydration can lend to an unclear mind, mindless munchies, toxic build-up (especially in a city), aides in digestion, keeps colds at bay, clearer skin, and the list goes on. All reasons to push me more towards a 3 liter a day goal.
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Prioritize Mental Health. 
Whether this be through meditation, journaling, reading books that help you grow as an individual, or taking some time to yourself for a mental break.  As our worlds grow and expand, we need time to reflect and get back to the base of who we are.  Taking time to breathe and allowing for your own thoughts to come through is a key step in your own personal growth and health.
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Wishing you all a joyful and healthy New Year!

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