Beat Bloat with this Juice Recipe

There are a multitude of reasons that we become bloated or feel that we need a flush after a weekend of being less than kind to our gut.  For women, especially, the cause can be hormonal and stem from “PMS” and last throughout the week of her period.  Dealing with the influx of estrogen during this time causes some of us to bloat, specifically around our belly (super cute, super sexy).  There are many natural ways to help relieve bloat including exercise, self-massage on the tummy, staying hydrated, and including foods that are filled with nutrients that aide our bodies to eliminate excess bloat.  I find this juice recipe to be especially effective because of the combination of ingredients and because it is in a liquefied form it’s easy to digest.  At times when we’re feeling drained and our bodies overly taxed, it can be helpful to treat ourselves to a juice that can help to soothe our gut and lend to fluid “flushing” (read: anti bloat).

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The Ingredients: Beet Flush Juice
Apple, Pear, or Grapefruit (I find apple can sometimes be irritating to the stomach so try a few different variations)
Cilantro or Mint (Cilantro for some spice or Mint for a more cooling affect)
The Process:
Juice and pour. Le fin.
Why these foods specifically?
Are superstars in keeping your blood sugar stable (thank you effective carbohydrates) keeping your mood and energy sustained for a longer period of time (good for PMS)  They also help to activate the gallbladder which in turns helps our liver to work more efficiently (essentially helps us to flush away toxins in the body)  Beets also open up our arteries which allow blood flow to move more freely which can ease cramping.
Rich in beta-carotene-this nutrient can help our livers to metabolize estrogen more effectively.
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Kale, Cilantro, Mint
Can help to balance estrogen high and progesterone low during this time and keeping these two hormones in balance can help to stabilize mood and body affects of PMS.  Keeping estrogen balanced in men keeps weight at a stable level as too little estrogen causes excess belly fat and too much estrogen in men can cause infertility and enlarged breasts.  Keep it balanced!
Cucumber and Celery
Both naturally and gently act as diuretics that help to flush out excess water from the body.
Image result for top foods for liver health
Additionally,  this juice is rich in glutathione and vitamin C, both of which support you liver’s overall health specifically aiding your liver to balance the estrogen in your body that ultimately lead to the experience of bloat.  Try this juice out ladies especially the week before your period (everyday for the most noticeable effects) and use it as a supplementation when you’re feeling a bit weighed down or bloated.

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