Wheatgrass: Get into it!

Wheatgrass.  Taking your first shot of wheatgrass is reminiscent of taking those cheap vodka shots in college.  The smell, the gag reflex, that taste- but unlike Smirnoff (or worst Majorska-mistakenly taken for rubbing alcohol when “water-bottled” most memorably)  I was certain this was the juice worlds reminder that achieving health is akin to developing a tolerance for the stuff.  It was/is  the most “green” tasting item on the menu.  However, finding a good source of wheatgrass and a nice juicer-wheatgrass can become lightly sweet, refreshing, and indeed earthy (that’s never changed).  I’ve come to enjoy the taste and the affect it seems to give me right after and the day following.  I swear my eyes open wider and my stomach feels more soothed.  Personal affect certainly, but I can’t be the only one, right?

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So what is Wheatgrass?
It is a grass, yes and also related to wheat.  It is grown and harvested raw while it’s still young (think sprouting).  The blades of the grass are what we turn into juice.  The blades of grass are sponges for one of the most vital life sources; Chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is close in resembling our own chemical make-up in terms of how our blood functions inside the body.
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    (all the wheatgrass)
What are the benefits?
It is a powerful blood supplementation to help us to cleanse and heal the whole body.  Wheatgrass is rich in amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  More specifically it includes big concentrations of iron, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, C, and E.  That pretty green color is the resembles the richness of Chlorophyll inside.  This can help to sweeten bad breath and tame digestive odors.  More importantly, it has strong antioxidant properties-neutralizing the free radicals inside our body that can cause damage to your cells.  Calming inflammation in the body is another factor to add into diseases prevention (inflammation in the body can lead to disease).
Can’t stand the taste?
There are loads of ways to get in some wheatgrass into your diet.  Masking that taste is key.  You can add it into your juices or smoothies.  Chase it with some lemon in addition to squeezing some into the shot. Mint is an amazing match to wheatgrass-it enhances that brightness in the juice that already exists and overrides the grassy tone.  Try brewing some peppermint tea or adding in the oil.
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