Happy Movement-A New Exercise Mindset

Exercise is wonderful for our bodies, minds, and spirits.  It bodes many health benefits and has been proven time and again it’s importance in a healthy lifestyle.  Akin to most everything, too much or too intense exercise has a surprisingly nasty affect on our bodies.  It’s important to understand when your body has had too much exercise and when the intensity is too high.  Workouts that produce an excess of lactic acid cause inflammation in the body in order to aide in recovery- totally normal.  But if we continue to overload our systems with a steady stream of lactic acid it can actually being doing more harm than good.  


Workouts that promote more calm or alkalinity in the body invite in elements of controlled breathing (yoga) and cardio (swimming, walking).  These types of exercises increase oxygen flow throughout your heart, lungs, muscles, blood cells and most effectively help to detoxify tissues.  Not that a good weight training or SoulCycle class doesn’t implement the same reactions, but they also cause more strain on the muscles and result in higher inflammation levels.  So it is important that you tune into what kind of movement your body is actually craving or if it truly needs a day of rest.  Rest can be a slower paced yoga class or a long walk!  It doesn’t need to be bed bound!
               Happy movement should be a part of your everyday-whatever makes you feel good in your body and present to what it is capable of.  This is a space we should strive to be in at least once a day.  The gratitude from this type of exercise or happy movement is important to gain not only physical and mental benefits, but it also opens us up to more appreciation and body positivity.

Coming Up!
**We’ll go into the specifics exercises and the affects they have on the body.  We’ll also review how to get the most out of our favorite more intense workouts**

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