The Benefits of Living Positively

Keeping on trend with Positive Psychology and why it truly is a health tool we should be using regularly; I’d like to explore both the positive aspects of living positively and what trends we see in those that think more negatively.  Bringing awareness to what those markers of negative thinking are, helps us to shift away from allowing those types of thoughts to run our day.  Positive thinking, after-all is a mainstay in Positive Psychology.  Counselors and psychologists help their clients to develop these tools of positivity.

Perhaps a better way to imagine how this may work is by going out of our way to create positive thoughts we purge ourselves of the negative self-talk.  Negative self-talk is one of the biggest barriers to positive thinking.    You may notice that negative self-talk becomes nearly subconscious and can lead to insecurity, indecisiveness, and the need to become overly apologetic.  This ultimately creates stress in the body which leads to (as we’ve explored before) inflammation-resulting in disease.

Negative thinking has four common mindset patterns:
Often taking on the negative event as a result of something they did or did not do-claiming they are inherently unlucky.  They construct negative situations with seemingly perfct logic, providing plausible reasons why negative things are their fault or set out to hurt them.
Anticipating, even precipitating the worst.  They tend to turn a slightly awkward situation into an overreaction-often resulting in a more stressful situation that could have easily been toned down.  If something negative does happen, they hold this close to validate their negative assumptions.
Focusing in on the negative in every situation and how it pertains to them.  Denying the positive.
Think black and white.  Either a situation is perfect or catastrophic.  With little grey area a person can easily become overwhelmed the moment a situation takes a slight downturn or hits a small “speed bump”.
People who practice Positive Thinking are by no means immune to negativity or even depressive thoughts-they are, however, well-equipped to catch themselves early and bring in more positivity to things and situations in their lives.
Science has already proven that stress in the body is linked to our immune systems.  Maintaining a positive outlook can significantly help how we view our world and help us to remain more at peace within ourselves.  Use Positive Thinking as another tool in your wellness routine and BREATHE through stressful situations in life.  Begin recognizing if you identify with any of the above negative thinking pattern mindsets and try to shift away from these.  The first step in any change of routine or habit is recognition. Be gentle with yourself as you encounter a negative thought.  At first making that shift can prove difficult, but with practice it creates a new pathway to positive thinking.

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