Five Foods for Glowing Skin

What we put into our bodies shows up quickly on our skin.  Have you ever noticed the one sugary or fried thing you ate last night expresses its ugly self on your face the next day with an irritating blemish? It is the first place to reveal (physically) any malnutrition or digestive imbalances.  Following a clean, balanced diet loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants is supportive of both our inward and outward health.  Include foods such as berries, bananas, avocados and the specifics listed below for a glowing interior and exterior.


Not only is water beneficial for our digestive systems and kidneys, it also flushes out toxin in your body-consequently it decreases the chances of them affecting your complexion. Drinking at the very least the recommended amount, eight 8-ounce glasses varying on factors such as; diet, activity, and body weight per day, will also keep the skin supple and glowy.  If plain water doesn’t do it for you, add in lemon (also a fantastic detoxifier and digestive aide) strawberries, oranges, and other fruits that get you excited about getting more H2O into your system.

On that note, lemons are an excellent skin support food.  They are adept detoxfiers and are high in anti-aging vitamin C.  Highly alkaline lemon juice contributes to overall pH balance and a healthy, happy gut.  It’s high content of vitamin C contributes to skins collagen production and building. Do not leave the lemon pith and rind out they hold bioflavonoids that support lymph flow.  Incorporate the whole lemon in salad dressing, the juice in your water and other beverages, and zest on top of anything from veggies to heavier fare to brighten. 
Leafy Greens
It would not be my blog if I didn’t continue to write about the many benefits of these wonderful leafy veggies; their super powers continue on here.  Eat them NOW for cell renewal and repair.  They nourish and care for the skin with their powerful combination of vitamins A and C.  These two vitamin components help promote clear, youthful, and smooth skin.  They also help the bodies digestive system run more smoothly resulting in a healthier, glowier outward appearance. One particular green to promote for lovely skin is Endive, it supports detoxification in the body and ovarian health as well.  Endives hold high amount of vitamin A (mentioned benefits above).  They also have a detox-boosting phytochemical that is a key supporter in ovarian health.
Incorporate this into your diet for both digestive health and wrinkle-blocking powers.  Garlic support a healthy gut and reduces inflammation in the body (huge anti-cancer soldier).  It helps the skin specifically by blocking collagen breakdown in the skin.
Fermented Foods
Fermented food help to strengthen your digestion which in turn can help clear up your skin (a detoxified body shows on your skin as well).  They contain high levels of minerals, including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride-all components that make hair, skin, and nails stronger and smoother.  Since fermented foods help in cleansing the liver you can also notice improved appearance in your complexion.  Dark spots, moles, warts, and skin tags can even be reduced with the incorporation of fermented foods.
See below a delicious recipe I’ve found on Coconut Water Kefir.  It incorporates more water, healthy fats, and fermentation into our diets.
1 1/2 quart fresh coconut water (3-4 young coconuts)
1 packet kefir started (the recipe suggests Body Ecology-I found a packet at my local whole foods)
1. Pour coconut water into a sauce pan.  Turn heat on very low and bring to 92 degrees (just beginning to shimmer).  A good way to check if you don’t own a thermometer is to take a clean finger and test- it should feel not hot or cold, but neutral-just about your own body temperature.
2. Mix in the kefir starter wiyh a wooden spoon and pour into a clean glass jar.
3. Cover and let sit at room temperature ( no direct sunlight-I kept mine in the cupboard) for 36 hours.  Ideal temperature is between 70-75 degrees.
4. Once it’s fermented it will taste slightly tangy, have a bit of fizz, and be cloudy in color.  Store in the fridge for up to three weeks.  Drink 1/4 cup daily for maximum health benefits.
**Add a squeeze of citrus fruit for a flavor variation or a teaspoon off chia or flax seeds for an energy and nutrient boost.

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