Breathing and Eating

A calorie is a measure of heat release when a food or substance is burned. In order to measure this in a scientific manner, scientist’s place food in an apparatus that torches it and they measure the amount of heat given off from that food. Just about everything contains a measurement of calories. Every one of these calories we are able to measure need oxygen in order to burn.  Therefore, the greater intake of oxygen the higher our metabolic burning will be.  It really is this simple.

The digestive system craves oxygen in order to function at its maximum and most sufficient level. Certain parts of the stomach lining consume higher levels of oxygen more than any other tissues in the body. The intestinal villi (the little guys that are responsible for our primary nutrient absorption) are in charge of taking large amounts of oxygen from the blood during the breakdown of our food.  When we lack oxygen in our blood the digestive villi have a harder time absorbing the nutrients from our meals.  The more we eat the more our body naturally wants us to breathe.

The brain automatically increases the need for more blood circulation and breathing, asking our body to take in more oxygen to allow these actions to happen when we eat. Take into account than the reactions our bodies have when we are experiencing anxiety or depression.  The system is slowed down and is over taxed by the bodies need to both process those emotions and digest properly. It is then useful to remember to eat in a relaxed state.  If you eat more breathe more.

A decrease in oxygen in the body creates a decrease in our metabolism. You may have experienced this when you went on a low calorie diet and didn’t experience any weight loss.  This is because of the body’s natural adjustment to the lack of fuel for the fire (food to metabolic burn).  The act of eating puts a demand on your metabolism to grow more powerful and efficient. The simple act of eating by itself raises the body’s temperature and in effect raises our metabolic rate.

Certainly, many of us gain weight because of eating too much food, but we also cause the body stress when eating too little. You cannot expect your body to perform at its best when sitting in either extreme.  Eat while relaxed and breathe deeply and generously.  This allows you to access the natural plan of digestion your body is designed for.  Sit, breathe, and consume healthy whole foods whose nutrients are what your body is craving and can more readily absorb when you are in a relaxed state.


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