What are the opportunities for a Dietitian?

Registered Dietitians are food and nutrition experts employed in a wide variety of roles and settings aiding in the health and wellness of their communities and clients. Specific roles that you can look into if you are interested in becoming a dietitian or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) include the following:

Consultant Dietitians-work under contract with healthcare facilities such as; hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc.

Clinical Dietitians- provide medical nutritional therapy for patients in hospitals, physician offices, and other locations including private practices.

Sports Dietitians-work with recreational and competitive athletes, including sports teams.

Community Dietitians- counsel groups and individuals on nutritional practices designed to promote good health and prevent disease.

Management Dietitians- oversee large-scale meal planning and preparation in healthcare facilities, business and industry, and colleges and universities.

Wellness Dietitians- work with corporate wellness programs helping to promote and teach good health through nutritional practices.

Private Practice Dietitians- counsel individuals and groups on good nutrition to improve health and help heal disease, as well as prevent disease from starting. This allows for a more customized approach to each client she/he sees.

Educational Dietitians- teach dietetic students, nurses, doctors, and others about nutrition in higher education programs.


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