Second Contact: Possible Mentor!

Lucky for me I now have not one, but two Registered Dietitian Nutritionists that are willing to help me through the process of moving into the field of nutrition and nutritional therapy.  Contact One (the wonderful soul I posted about last week) has worked in the field for over 20 years and therefore holds the knowledge of how this field has shifted and evolved.  Along with that type of intellect comes a specific set of ideas on how to enter the field successfully and with credibility.  Last week we discussed two great schools in the area that supply the proper coursework for achieving the necessary credentials, as well as great internships that are a part of their Nutrition Program.

Contact Two is closer to my age and has opened her own practice based in sports nutrition. AND-she’s local, so the opportunity to meet for lunch or coffee is soon to be scheduled.  She is happy to help me through the process of discussing how she obtained her RD and LDN credentials so I can put her ideas to good use.  We are in the midst of scheduling a time to chat or meet up.

Keeping you posted!


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