Journey to Nutrition School, Helping Others, Self


Hi there!

I’ve decided to catalog my research on making the change to a career in nutrition and health. Literally, starting from “block one” and seeing what my best options are, where I should further my education, how I go about it and all the researches and adventures along the way. I figure that I certainly am not the only soul who will go through a shift in mind and life purpose; perhaps we can support each other in this journey and offer each other the probably tearful, yet hilarious stories that are brought forth during such a transition? While mine is a journey to find a life purpose through serving others through healing foods and practices, yours may be utterly different (which increases my interest in differing life stories/journeys even more). So if you have a keen interest on health and how to integrate that into your career life I hope this blog space will be helpful to you- if not then I hope at least somewhat educational and entertaining.

Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section!







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