Gratitude in Nourishment

I have found in my journey to healing that gratitude has always played a monumental role in shifting the perspective on what food is, does, and enacts upon the body. Gratitude creates a sense of community and understanding in how the foods we choose to consume affects us all as a whole.   Gratitude allows us to reconnect with our emotions both around food and in life. We oftentimes numb our emotions with the roar of self-deprecation or lofty expectations for our bodies, our careers, and ourselves. Coming back to the truth and acknowledgment that you ARE whole. You ARE enough. That there is nothing imperfect in your truest self, in your truest expression, roots one to this complete sense of gratitude.

Gratitude is a practice. In beginning to understand just how vital it is to express gratitude inward and outward begin following rituals to help bring awareness to all that you are and all that is worth celebrating.

  • Make a list. Write a letter. Keep a journal. Begin writing down a list of all the things you are currently thankful for; relationships, desire for wellness in the body, life itself even. Next write a letter expressing your gratitude. Thank her for all the hard work she put in to create the life you desired and created. Write as if it had already happened. Reflect on this letter when you are feeling lost or discourage in your journey to health and light. Keep a journal as your thoughts on gratitude shift and change. Reflecting on your growth into gratitude through this journal. It is amazing to see how your connection to the body changes and what continues to be important
  • Find gratitude in challenge. Seek out the challenges your face and focus on the opportunities they provide. We are not challenged without lesson. We cannot grow without opportunity. Learn to embrace life’s challenges and waves. Understand that with each rush of difficulty there is room to grow and expand.
  • Enjoy all that you do have now. Focus on the positive in your life. Goals already accomplished. Milestones met. Do away with comparison. It does not serve you or your journey. Surround yourself with the knowledge that you are whole and complete, as you are, right now.
  • Focus on personal positive affirmations. Whether you create these yourself, look for an inspirational quote or seek out what you have that is worth celebrating from a loved one. Hug that affirmation in tight to you in times of difficulty or loss.


Practicing gratitude each and every day, especially before meals, calms the body and the mind. It opens your system up to enjoy and utilize the nourishment you are bringing in. Food does not always have to fulfill nutritionally what we need but sometimes emotionally what we need. Live in the peace of knowing that we do not need to dissect the nutritional components of each and every meal. Know that sometimes what the mind and body needs it to nourish the practice of allowing and accepting the experience.


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